Off-the-shelf canteen suits Wren’s ‘The Nest’ head office

ATL creates new canteen using sixteen Moffat Versicarte counters

Wren Living, the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom manufacturer, is so busy that is has had to install a second canteen at its ‘The Nest’ head office, which is at Barton upon Humber. The company was after a fast, flexible and cost effective solution that would provide an attractive facility for staff. ATL Commercial Kitchens were awarded the project and they recommended a suite of sixteen Versicarte mobile counters, manufactured by Moffat.  Wren was already familiar with the Versicarte range, having previously ordered several for canteens at three of the company’s factories. 

“The great thing about Moffat’s Versicartes is that they provide a complete off-the-shelf solution,” says Lisa Graham, sales director at ATL. “We were able to provide everything from tray pickups and cash till stations to hot service counters and grab and go merchandisers, all in a smart, coordinated stainless steel finish.” 

The new canteen is located in a former meeting room, which was quickly transformed, with the Versicarte counters arranged in a ‘U’ shape. One side is devoted to main meals, hot and cold, and the other to snacks and sandwiches. The cash till is in the centre of the area, so customers can approach it from either side. 

The mix of hot, cold and ambient counters are set in various signed areas, including beverages, salad and fruit, deli, a soup station and so on. “If the menu or operation changes, the Versicartes can easily be rearranged to meet the new requirements,” says Lisa.

A key customer benefit was the relatively low cost of the Versicarte solution, especially compared to a bespoke counter.  “Wren saved around a third of the total budget by using Versicartes, and they are delighted by the results,” says Lisa.  “The quality, good looks and robust construction of the counters helped win this large order.” 

The Versicarte range of modular, heated, ambient and refrigerated units can be used singly or butted together to form a straight or angled service counter.  The units are constructed mainly from stainless steel with a wide choice of attractive fascia panels. Built for durability and ease of cleaning and maintenance, Versicarte units have a bright polished stainless steel interior, heavy-duty rodded shelves and removable stainless steel sliding doors. Fitted with 125mm diameter castors, two of which have brakes, the units are easy to move about and secure in place.  The Versicarte’s ecodesign features include Moffat’s Sahara fan heating system, which maintains food quality and safety while ensuring energy efficiency.