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Who Heats All The Pies?

Chillogen kicks off at Falkirk FC

Some of Falkirk FC's latest signings are Scottish internationals playing a vital role. The 18 Chillogen trolleys, supplied by Bonnybridge-based Moffat Catering Equipment, not only help the club with its burgeoning banqueting business, more importantly they look after the half-time pies.

Things are changing for the club now that it has joined the Scottish Premier League and moved from its former city centre home at Brockville Park to the new Falkirk Stadium.
However, no self-respecting football fan could come away from a match without having enjoyed a half-time pie. A typical match day at the new venue will see event caterer Drew Norloch serving around 7000 pies and burgers.

Drew Norloch won the catering contract at the new facility in the summer of 2004 and, as an aid to the business, installed the 18 Moffat Chillogen trolleys. Chillogen is Moffat's development of combined rapid chilled, chilled holding, regeneration and hot cupboard in the same mobile compartment. It chills food, then holds it between 2 Degrees Celsius and 5 Degrees Celsius, then switches automatically to regeneration at a pre-set time.

They impress Jimmy Black, CEO at Drew Norloch. "The wonderful thing with these trolleys is that the food can come in or be assembled on the day before it is served. We load all the pies into the trolleys on pre-match day at the refrigerated temperature. They are pre-set to come on and regenerate at the appropriate time the next day and will hold at the right temperature until they are needed.

"We do the same with the burgers; char grill them the day before, chill and then regenerate at match time. We also warm the rolls in the trolleys.

"There are a number of advantages. Firstly there is no need for double loading, so saving on expensive labour costs, and we can do away with deliveries on match days. The trolleys give us total control and flexibility and because they are mobile, we can wheel them to any part of the stadium."

For function catering, the club can currently serve 300 covers, but expects to double that number as the new stands come on stream. The Chillogen technology again plays a vital role. Food is all prepared fresh and loaded into the trolleys to be held at the correct serving temperature. " We want to serve food as soon as possible of course, says Black, the beauty of this system is that, if there's a delay, it will hold it for a couple of hours if necessary."

Another great advantage to the Moffat trolley is that it can operate from a 13 amp power point as well as three phase electricity, a real plus to the system's flexibility.

Notes for editors

The Moffat Chillogen is a banquet trolley that's also a rapid chiller, a fridge, a regeneration oven and a hot cupboard all in the one unit. The latest versions are already enjoying international success, with export orders from Europe and the Americas.

To use the Moffat Chillogen, the chef pre-chills the trolley, loads the hot, plated food and sets the blast-chill mode to bring the food down to storage temperature (under 10 Degrees Celsius in 90 minutes). The trolley is then unplugged, wheeled to its required location and plugged in again. It holds the food at the required temperature, for up to several days. At the preset time it automatically turns into a regeneration oven and reheats to serving temperature, in about one hour. If there is any delay the trolley holds the food at its correct core temperature. A humidifier supplies moist air if required.

Moffat's Chillogen trolleys are available in two sizes, holding 60 plates or 90. A range of accessories is available, including a variety of plate covers (customised covers are available), additional grid shelves, spare roll-in/roll-out internal racks, temperature retention covers, transfer dollies, internal food probes and full "3D" logging systems.

Posted by Kyli Haynes on Fri 17th Jun 2005