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Versiclear - Moffat reinvents the wheeled trolley for Newham

E & R Moffat has created the Versiclear, a new wheeled catering waste trolley, expressly designed to make it easier for school children to clear up after meals. The new trolley has been designed at the suggestion of a local authority catering officer, and is available in both primary and secondary school versions.

Moffat was asked by Sally Sutherland, principal catering officer at of London's Newham Council, for a new clearing trolley that not only exceeded the latest hygiene standards, but made it easier and more efficient for waste disposal, plate and tray clearing and handling of dirty cutlery.

"In the past, clearing trolleys haven't tended to be very hygienic, and some brands are little more than MDF on wheels", says Sally Sutherland. They mostly look ugly and don't hide the "dirty bits". And many of them haven't been at all well built.

"I mentioned this to Moffat at a recent conference, and asked if they could create a prototype that would meet all my needs, especially for our primary schools", she added.

Newham has 80 primary schools, feeding over 16,000 children a day.

Moffat has created two versions of the Versiclear. Each has two apertures for sacks, one for beakers and the other for uneaten food. Using an all-stainless steel construction and enamelled surfaces, they are easy to wipe down and keep clean.

In designing Versiclear, Moffat hasn't just focused on hygiene and toughness. The brief was also to make it easy for young children to use, and attractive so that it brightens up the dining room.

Thus the standard model has a suitable height for taller children and adults, while the primary school model is lower. Both have variations on the attractive moon and stars theme that has proved very popular with other models in Moffat's school catering range.

Sales Director John Wannan says that having the Versiclear specified by the real-life needs of a particular authority made it easier to come up with the perfect design. "Sally has been a great help in telling us exactly what local authority caterers are looking for nowadays", he says.

Posted by Kyli Haynes on Mon 4th Jul 2005