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Moffat’s Sheerline chilled displays – the attractive way to serve food

When designing a front of house serving area, the chilled display cabinets are a key consideration. They need to fit in with branding and décor while keeping food at safe temperatures to preserve its flavour and integrity. Moffat’s Sheerline refrigerated units have been designed to enhance the look and feel of the serving area.

The Sheerline chilled displays’ contemporary styling, with modern straight lines and gleaming surfaces, suit cafeterias and restaurants throughout the foodservice industry. There are three types of Sheerline chilled displays: chilled wells, chilled multi-tier displays and chilled deli displays. The units offer chilled display storage of up to five 1/1 gastronorm capacity.

“The Sheerline chilled units, combined with our bespoke counters, can transform the look of a foodservice operation,” says John Wannan, sales and marketing manager at Moffat. “There’s a wide range of options and accessories, including crockery dispensers, to allow operators to tailor the serving area to their exact requirements.”

The multi-tier displays have rear loading doors for ease of stock rotation by staff, ensuring that only fresh product is on display. Night blinds are available for the chilled well units if required. All models have the refrigeration units sited beneath the counter.

The refrigeration units use R404a refrigerant and maintain a core product temperature of pre-chilled food below 5°C in ambient conditions not exceeding 25°C and 60% humidity.

All Sheerline models are economical to run with the smallest chilled deli display, the DCD3SL, costing less than 6p per hour.

Prices start at £3573 for the chilled wells, £4140 for the chilled multi-tier displays and £4342 for the chilled deli displays.

Posted March 2015