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Moffat's food distribution conveyor systems bring speed and efficiency to hospital-grade catering.

Areas ripe for improved efficiency in many large-scale cost-sector catering environments are the points at which trayed or plated meals are made up for loading into trolleys, and where they are returned for washing. A conveyor system can make a huge difference at both ends of the chain.

E & R Moffat has relaunched its range of conveyor systems for caterers. Designed with hospital-grade hygiene in mind, they are suitable for even the most demanding food standard situations.

The conveyors are available in both flat-belt and round-cord versions. The flat belts, made of a synthetic 'white' anti-static material, are designed to smoothly transport items such as individual plates as well as whole trays.

The round-cord versions are designed only for whole trays, including smaller trays side by side, and feature two parallel-running synthetic cords, 220mm apart.

Both types have a 600mm-long fixed section at each end. For meal make-up a tray set-up station with index cards might be used at one end, while the other could be designed to integrate with trolley loading and transporting systems.

Silent and smooth-running, and with anti-static properties, Moffat conveyors all have simple control panels with individual stop and start buttons, as well as variable speed controls and forward/reverse operation. Emergency stop switches are located at each end, while the receiving end has a photo-sensor to prevent tray clashing and breakages. Splash-proof power sockets are protected by safety Residual Current Breakers with Overload protection (RCBOs). A splash-proof switchboard and mains isolator is located at the end of each conveyor, underneath the control panel.

The conveyors are built using food-grade stainless steel in splash-proof satin finish, all supported on robust tubular legs with adjustable levelling feet, or they can be fitted with optional swivel/braked castors.

Rubber cleaning scrapers and finger guards offer extra hygiene and safety on the belts, while heavy duty soft bumpers protect against damage from (and to) mobile equipment that might collide with it.

The conveyors are also competitively priced and offer low maintenance and running costs.

Moffat offers a full range of matching mobile equipment and accessories to create a complete facility for conveyed food service, in both make-up and clean-up areas. The range includes starter stations, plate dispensers, base dispensers, rack lifts, tray lifts, bains marie, refrigerated units, general purpose trolleys, storage carts, basket stackers, tables, ambient units, mobile shelves, workstations, bulk food trolleys, tray service trolleys and tray transport trolleys.

E & R Moffat is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of quality foodservice equipment, designing and manufacturing in-house. Based in Bonnybridge, Scotland, the company manufactures standard and bespoke servery, regeneration and storage equipment with a full nationwide after-sales engineering team. E & R Moffat is accredited to ISO 9001:2000 and many of the products have gas approvals and are EMC tested. For more information on E & R Moffat visit the website on

Posted on Tue 12th May 2009