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The Moffat Chillogen Trolley Makes Record-Keeping Easy - With Optional 3D Logging System.

Why It's Systematic, Automatic and Safe.

Moffat's latest Chillogen banqueting trolley has got all the bases covered. It's a regeneration oven, a refrigerator and a moveable trolley for holding food at a required temperature. But Chillogen's got even more to offer - it can also keep your EHO happy!

The Food Standards Agency requires regular inspections by Environmental Health Officers to make sure food hygiene rules are followed and food is served and stored at the recommended and statutory temperatures. During these inspections the caterer is often required to provide due diligence data.

The Chillogen has an optional 3D logging system to simplify and extend the taking and keeping of food temperature records. Electronic sensors automatically record the internal temperatures of the oven/refrigerator at set intervals and also provide the means of probing and recording the actual food temperatures. This means it is no longer necessary to obtain data by the time-consuming and inherently inaccurate method of using a hand-held temperature probe and manually recording the results.

The 3D logging system is fully compliant with statutory food safety regulations for due diligence data and provides an audit trail for up to two years. The records can be presented in graphic or tabular form and are automatically archived data every two months. Information can be transferred to PC for storage, analysis and recording according to the user's personal preferences.

Because the system is fully automatic and ongoing, any unusual events or faults affecting food quality are quickly identified. In this way Chillogen users are assured of producing food that looks good, tastes good and also meets current safety requirements.

Posted by Lawrence Heath on Fri 5th Aug 2005