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Patisserie Perfection

Moffat’s attractive new food display units bring convenience and control to cafe culture

Moffat’s patisserie range of heated, chilled and ambient food merchandisers is ideal for cafes, bakeries, canteens and restaurants who want to show off their product.

The new multi-tiered units are constructed from durable, easy to clean stainless steel with fully adjustable shelves. The toughened glass screen allows food to be attractively displayed while helping maintain optimum temperature. The cabinets are illuminated by LEDs to maximise the presentation of products within.

Rear sliding doors make access simple while avoiding the problems hinged doors can cause for staff moving through the work area. The heated and chilled versions include user-friendly digital displays allowing for complete control of the functions of the cabinet.  Fans gently circulate the airflow to maintain even temperatures throughout. Quartz elements provide accurate and responsive temperature control in heated units.

There is the option to have an open front, for self-service, or a fully enclosed unit for assisted service. The units are on wheels, allowing for flexibility in positioning and easy cleaning of the surrounding area.

All versions are 1370mm high and 800mm deep and there is a choice of two lengths, 900 and 1200mm. Prices range from £2766 for an ambient trolley, £3635 for the heated version and £4632 for a chiller.