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Moffat Catering Equipment has added a new design of Single Tray Service Trolley (VTS) to its Versigen range.

Single tray meal service continues to grow in popularity in the cost sector. But it has a problem: How do you serve a piping hot main meal on one half of the tray, and keep the other half (for example salad and dessert) properly chilled at the same time, without compromising the safety or meal quality of either? This is a particular interest for healthcare sites, where plated food needs to be transported from kitchens to dining areas or wards, and where food safety is paramount.

The Versigen Single Tray Service Trolley is Moffat's solution to this problem. It allows hot and chilled storage simultaneously, on the one tray, employing the company's exclusive multi-temperature Chillogen technology. Importantly, it is designed to work with a site's existing tableware.

At the heart of the system is Moffat's own design of large-capacity tray, divided into two sections, one side for hot food, the other for chilled. The tray slides into the divider between the hot and refrigerated sections, ensuring a good isolation between the two temperatures.

Moffat's exclusive Multifan technology circulates air around the compartments more efficiently, and ensures a much faster heat-up time in the hot section than conventional single-fan systems.

The units can be supplied in a wide choice of finishes, including bright primary colours, and cartoon decals can be added to make it ideal for children's wards.

The VTS trolley has been designed for heavy duty service, with a special steel chassis with curved corners and including powerful rubber buffers to protect against collisions. It's available in two heights, with capacities of from 18 to 32 trays per unit, and is supplied complete with serving trays.

Special attention has been paid to making the system easy to clean. Internal dividers and gaskets are quickly removable, and the doors open a full 270 degrees making it easy to reach inside.

The controls are designed for simplicity of operation and an isolator switch ensures safety when they are not in use.

The trolleys also have a highly competitive list price as well as low maintenance and running costs, all designed to make it easy for sites to make the initial switch to full single-tray service if they wish.

E & R Moffat is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of quality foodservice equipment, designing and manufacturing in-house. Based in Bonnybridge, Scotland, the company manufactures standard and bespoke servery, regeneration and storage equipment with a full nationwide after-sales engineering team.

E & R Moffat is accredited to ISO 9001:2000 and many of the products have gas approvals and are EMC tested. For more information on E & R Moffat visit the website on

Posted on Tue 7th Apr 2009