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Moffat launches bulk food Chillogen banquet trolleys

One space-saving cabinet to chill, store, regenerate and hold cooked food

Moffat’s banqueting trolleys with Chillogen technology can rapid chill, refrigerate, regen and hold in one cabinet.  They save time, space and handling and produce great quality food. 

Now Moffat has launched bulk food versions of its Chillogen banquet trolley, to go alongside its plated meal versions.  Designed to chill up to 20 x 65mm deep GN1/1 containers within 90 minutes, the banquet trolleys then store and regen the food to order. 

The Chillogen trolley operates fully automatically, in the same compartment, saving both staff time and space in the kitchen. The trolley makes it possible to cater for banquets and functions from even a modest kitchen. 

The Chillogen trolley saves on costs by reducing or eliminating the need for separate chilling, holding and regeneration equipment. It also helps staff to be more productive and efficient, since the trolley significantly reduces the workload involved in handling the food. 

To use the Chillogen banqueting trolleys, the chef pre-chills the trolley, loads the food and sets the quick-chill mode to bring the food down to storage temperature. The trolley is then unplugged, wheeled to its required location and plugged in again. It holds the food at the required temperature for as long as required. At a preset time it automatically turns into a regeneration oven and reheats to serving temperature in about one hour. 

Designed for practicality and ease of use, the Chillogen trolley can be plugged in anywhere – it only requires two standard 13amp power sockets.