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Green Thinking Strategy produces new design

Moffat’s new Enviro range of electric bain marie hot cupboards are probably the most efficient and environmentally friendly on the market. Using Moffat’s Green Thinking Strategy, the hot cupboards have a low carbon footprint and produce great savings in running costs.

The Enviro-BM Bain Marie range maintains a steady temperature similar to that of a wet-well bain marie, but without their plumbing and drainage problems. The hot cupboard is fitted with an energy-saving forced-air heating and recirculation system that distributes heat evenly throughout while holding food at an optimum temperature. This results in a fast heat up and recovery time, without hotspots.

The bain marie top is fabricated from a sheet of stainless steel with openings to take gastronorm containers. The edge of the openings have raised lips all round to prevent food dropping into the well and to make it easy to remove the pans. The hot cupboard has a bright polished stainless steel interior fitted with two rodded shelves with heavy duty supports. The front and end panels are also constructed from stainless steel.

Designed for ease of cleaning and maintenance, the doors are fitted with heavy duty slides and can be lifted off for access. The fan assisted heating system can be lifted out and the whole unit can be mounted on braked casters for manoeuvrability.

There are five different models available, from the two x 1/1 gastronorm well version, which is 884mm long, to the six-well, 2196mm version. Running costs are estimated at approximately 10.4 pence per hour for the smallest 2.5kW model to 13.6 pence per hour for the largest 4.0kW model (at current energy costs).

Optional accessories include a full range of stainless steel gastronorm containers with lids, a range of coloured front and end panels, overshelves with quartz heat/illumination and locks for the doors.

Posted on Tue 13th Nov 2012