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Together or alone, mobile hot cupboards get school food served

Moffat’s mobile hot cupboard range designed especially for schools

Schools are always looking for economical ways of serving food and especially in the primary sector where the numbers of those taking hot meals is rising. Mobile server counters provide an inexpensive and versatile solution where space and budget are limited.

Moffat’s mobile MH9 hot cupboard range is designed around the standard school meal aluminium cooking pan to simplify transfer of food from kitchen to serving area. The MH9 range can be used as standalone serving units or several can be banked together to form a continuous serving top.
The advantage of these units is that they can be loaded, wheeled into place at meal times and the castors locked securely into place. Once service is over the hot cupboards can be easily wheeled away leaving the area free for other users. There are no installation costs and if required up to three powered units can be inter-connected to one 13 amp plug.

The cupboards have plain stainless steel tops and sliding doors, with the front and end panels in grey coated steel. The MHB9 has a recessed top to accommodate three containers. With a bright stainless steel interior, all cupboards have an internal shelf size of 830mm x 470mm.
Models MH9 and MHB9 have two heated shelves above the base. An optional tray slide and plain serving shelf are available upon request. Both models are supplied with a 2m cable and 13 amp moulded plug. Moffat also make an ambient MU9 cupboard with an open front and unheated shelves which can be fitted with a cash drawer if required.

Prices for the MH9 range start at £828 for the heated units.