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Moffat's Cook-X-4 food warmers do more than just keep pies warm

When it's hot show it off!

In the past ready heated, pre-cooked food has had a poor press but Moffat's range of Cook-X4 pie and food warmers puts a stop to all that. The warming cabinets have been designed expressly for busy catering establishments such as take-aways, pubs, cafes, canteens and bakeries where ready-to-eat, piping hot food is an essential requirement.

The top of the range Cook-X4PWT fits comfortably on a counter and has a full front glass panel for display, with toughened glass sliding doors at the back for easy access. To optimise the quality of the food the cabinet is fitted with thermostatic control to prevent over heating and a water reservoir to keep food moist.

Good quality food deserves to be seen, so Moffat's Cook-X4PWT has been fitted with an internal light to enhance food presentation and illuminate the display. Three removable shelves allow the proprietor to display non-standard items such as speciality dishes or jumbo-sized portions.

There are four models in the hot food merchandiser range, the Cook-X4PWT and the basic Cook-X4PWT. Both measure only 710mm x 350mm x 500mm and have a power rating of 0.75kW.

Posted by Kyli Haynes on Thu 3rd Nov 2005