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Moffat’s Flat Glass Display helps boost food sales

Aspen Services is ‘over the moon’ with new design – and so is the customer

Moffat has launched a multi-tier cold display unit that combines excellent temperature control with a stylish ‘flat glass’ design.  The model was developed in conjunction with Aspen Services, on behalf of a garden centre that was completely revamping its catering facilities. 

“The customer had a very clear idea of the display they wanted,” says Aspen’s managing director Ian Sweeten.  “It needed to be enclosed, as everything is served rather than grab and go.  They didn’t want a standard design, so we approached Moffat to ask them to help.” 

The resultant design is Moffat’s new Flat Glass Display.  Essentially a sheer glass box, it is two metres wide, and has three shelves to give maximum display space.  Rear sliding glass doors give easy access for staff to serve customers or restock food. 

A transverse compressor, mounted on the back of the unit, means there’s no need for a grill to the front, which keeps the display unit’s appearance clean and simple.  Inside the unit, cold air is blown up the back of the cabinet, cascading over the shelves, and is then sucked back into the refrigeration system to be ‘re-chilled’.  This design minimises energy consumption, since the chilled air is recycled, and ensures the temperature is constant throughout the cabinet. 

At the garden centre, which ordered two of the new Flat Glass Displays, the units are mounted on 30mm granite counters that have built-in cash till points.  Tray pick-ups are mounted beneath the units, where serving staff can quickly reach them.  Each display has a self-contained fuse board and runs from a standard 13 amp supply. 

“Customers see the units as soon as they walk in, and they look great, the display really hits you,” says Ian.  “Meanwhile, they’re very easy for staff to work with and look after.  Plus the tight temperature controls keep food safe and maintain quality. 

“The client is over the moon with them and so are we.  It’s really good when an idea you have on paper becomes reality.  All credit to Moffat, they heard what we had to say and came up with a design that performs brilliantly.”      

The new display units are designed to help increase sales.  “The customer’s old restaurant had about 100 covers, the new one has over 300,” says Ian.  “The Flat Glass Displays will play a key part of the growth in the business.” 

Moffat also supplied all the fabrication for the new catering facilities, including a central prep island, dishwash tabling and shelving.  “It’s very smart, very sturdy and very easy to look after,” says Ian.  “Given the short deadlines, there could have been a panic to get everything done, but Moffat delivered in time, on spec, and in budget.”