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Moffat seminars 'take the lid off' fabrication for designers and consultants

Moffat Catering Equipment has been pre-approved for an FCSI Continuing Professional Growth educational seminar. This one-day seminar offers two Continuing Education Units, which will be reported directly to FCSI Administration Headquarters for FCSI Professional Members attending the event by Moffat Catering Equipment.

Moffat Catering Equipment has announced a series of one-day seminars that show the importance of fabrication in design and manufacture of catering equipment. The seminar has been approved by the FCSI for its Continuing Professional Growth programme.

Entitled 'Understanding Fabrication', the seminar is a free one-day event suitable for consultants who work with, commission or design fabricated units in foodservice contracts. It explains how manufacturers such as Moffat build counters, tables and fittings, what technologies and engineering are used, how they handle different materials, and to highlight the possibilities available for catering design.

It's also likely to be of interest to caterers who commission new facilities, since they get a chance to see the stage in between their dreams and the final result. The day's seminar shows both manual work and the machinery used in automatic production.

The seminar has been planned by John Wannan, sales director at Moffat, who says it's of value not only to designers and potential end-users, but also Moffat's own production team, who are themselves finding it useful in a two-way 'conversation' with designers.

"The point between concept and fabrication is crucial", he says. "It's hard to beat a dream, but if the designer and the fabricator understand each other better, then there's much more chance of the dream becoming reality."

Two recent attendees were Andrew and Elaine Powis of Sterling Foodservice Design, based at Alvechurch near Birmingham.

"We came away from the day with a much better understanding of how the manufacturer will handle our ideas ", said Elaine Powis. "For example, before we went, we assumed that Moffat had a very traditional image, very staid in approach. But I was impressed by how advanced they were, and how modern their technology is. It allowed us to see how they would turn our ideas into reality, and that's a great help in the concept stage."

For both Elaine and Andrew one of the most memorable parts was a site visit to Moffat's own granite supplier. Granite is a very popular part of modern foodservice design installations, and seeing the processes of turning it from stone into polished work surface counter helped them to explore further design ideas.

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Posted on Wed 14th Feb 2007