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The Moffat Solution to Easier, More Efficient Service

For some caterers, up to a quarter of their business can come at Christmas time and the New Year. And for many of these, the seasonal rush is a cue to install temporary servery equipment that can be brought into place to meet the increased demand, without taking up unnecessary space during the quiet period after the holidays.

Catering equipment manufacturer E & R Moffat offers a wide range of temporary, mobile and transportable counters and serveries, ideal for filling the demand from Christmas and New Year parties and functions, yet compact and easy enough to move around or out of the way when the rush stops.

Moffat's Focus range of buffet units is designed for either free-flow self-service or assisted service, and are an economical and efficient way of catering for more informal seasonal gatherings. These versatile units provide an attractive, reliable solution that really enhances the presentation of your food. Focus buffet units are easy to set up and clear away, and quick and easy to clean.

For larger or more formal Christmas service the Moffat Focus range includes larger Food Display Units. Designed for cost-effective hot food storage, transport and service, they feature force air heating and recirculation, new levels of energy saving efficiency, faster heat-up times, quicker heat recovery times and more even distribution of heat with no hot spots. The display units has an attractive "Spritzer" finish which provides high resistance to marking and scuffing. Stainless steel sliding doors lift off for maintenance and cleaning, inside panels are bright polished stainless steel. Rodded shelves allow for good heated air circulation.

The Versicarte range of modular heated, ambient and refrigerated units can be used singly or combined to create an attractive mobile servery counter. The units are constructed from stainless steel, with Goosewing-Grey end panels and a wide choice of attractive, but tough colour-coated Plastisol front panels.

The wide range of options allows most modules to be customised to your individual requirements. Versicarte modules can be butted together to form a straight or angular service counter. Alternatively, standalone units can be placed around the dining area to create a free-flow self-service environment.

Moffat says that the Versicarte is named for their versatility with options such as island refrigerated salad wells, bains marie units, cash sections and heated units as well as internal and external corner units - and even low-level modules for children.

Posted by Lawrence Heath on Wed 27th Jul 2005