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Shape-up school dining rooms

Moffat’s Cube Clearing Trolleys clear-up after school meal times

School meal times are not only important for fuelling children’s bodies, they are a valuable learning experience – teaching children about social responsibilities and encouraging them to take an active role in helping to clear away after their meal. This is of particular importance when the dining room is also the school hall and used for lessons, meetings or assemblies after lunch.

That’s why Moffat has launched its new Cube Clearing Trolley, part of the popular Versiclear range.  This eye-catching new mobile clear-away trolley is designed to make it easier for school children to dispose of food waste and deposit trays and crockery. It also folds into itself when not in use, so is compact and easy to store.

The Cube Clearing Trolley is very child-friendly, with four brightly coloured buckets for scraping waste and bold, clear labelling encouraging the children to ‘scrape your plate & bowl clean’ and ‘stack neatly your plate, bowl & beaker’. The front of the trolley features a hinged shelf providing a set-down area for trays, whilst at each side of the main trolley there is an lower surface for stacking the scraped crockery.

Measuring just 750mm high (800mm to the top of the clearing buckets) the unit is easy to reach for primary school age children.

In multifunctional school halls/dining rooms, it’s important that the equipment not only aids a quick turnaround, but also that it is mobile and compact to store. When it’s not in use, the hinged tray shelf can be folded down and the side units can be wheeled and stored underneath the back of the clearing trolley. The whole trolley is on braked casters, so it can be wheeled quickly and easily away after use.

All surfaces are wipe clean and its tough, durable stainless steel construction is well able to stand up to the everyday rigours of school life.