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..... any shape, any size fits Moffat's new crockery dispenser

Increasingly foodservice establishments use non-standard plates and bowls to stand out from the crowd and as a statement of brand. Up till now this has caused a problem for those using dispensers which traditionally can only cope with round plates. However, Moffat has launched a universal crockery dispenser that can hold any plate or bowl shape and any size up to 12 inches square.

The new crockery dispensers are simple to use - lift off one plate or bowl and the next one automatically pops up into position. An adjustable spring allows for repeated pop-ups. The exterior panels are made of durable Merlin grey plastic coated steel with the interior finished in bright polished coated steel.

They are designed to be easy to move into position with four 100mm diameter casters (two swivel with brakes), heavy duty corner buffers, push/pull handles and a lid storage rack. The heated models are supplied with a 2m long cord, cable tidy and moulded 13 amp plug.

There are four models in the range. The heated UHD1 has a capacity of up to approximately 75 plates or bowls depending on type, profile and thickness and the bigger double tube UHD2 has a capacity of up to 150 plates or bowls. There are also two corresponding unheated models the UAD1 and UAD2.

Posted on Fri 14th Sep 2012