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Warm buns

Energy efficient roll warmer from Moffat

Wherever food is served over a long period of time there is always the problem of keeping items warm without a loss of quality.  Moffat’s BK Roll Warmer is designed to overcome this by keeping rolls, buns, pastries and other breads at serving temperatures without drying out or sogginess.

A digital thermostat provides accurate temperature control, while a slide out water reservoir provides humidity to keep the food moist and in good condition. The stainless steel roll warmer has three large perforated insert drawers to hold the bread or pastries. The drawers are removable for easy cleaning.

In line with Moffat’s energy-saving philosophy, the unit is fully insulated for maximum energy efficiency. It measures 477mm (w) x 610mm (d) x 900mm (h) and has a power rating of 1kW.

List price is £1028 (ex VAT) and it is supplied with a full 12 months warranty.