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University of West of England
Tameside Hospital
Surrey Satelite
Royal Armouries
Renaissance Hotel
Macclesfield High School
Falkirk Football Club
Ysgol Y Berllan Deg Primary School, Cardiff
Brockington College
London Borough of Barnet
Birmingham City Hospital
Center Parcs Penrith
University of Manchester
Chatsworth Garden Centre
Scottish Widows, Edinburgh
TNT HQ, Atherstone, Warwickshire
Ipswich Town FC
Marlborough College
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Banqueting Trolleys Gallery
Plated Meals Keep Hot
Plated Meals Regeneration
Plated Meals Chillogen 4 in 1
Plated Meals Chillogen 4 in 1 Automatic
Bulk Food Chillogen 4 in 1
Bulk Food Chillogen 4 in 1 Automatic
Pan File (Bulk Food)
Regeneration Oven - Regenerate and Hold Hot
Regeneration Oven - Chill, hold chilled, regenerate and hold hot
Wall Bench & Centre Table Gallery
Events Folding Wall Benches and Centre Tables
Double Top
Ambient Storage Cupboards
Chef's Preparation Table
Bespoke Units
Independent Drawer Pedestal
Heavy Duty Bakery Tables
Sink Units Gallery
‘S’ Range Sink Units with heavy Duty Bowls
Sterilising Sink Units Electric and Gas
Bespoke Sink Units
Dishwash Table
Wall Mounted Products Gallery
Wall Mounted Cupboards
Adjustable Three Tiered Wall Shelving
Rodded Wall Shelving
Wall Shelving
Microwave Shelf
Racking Gallery
Can Rack
Sack Stand
Vegetable Rack
Standard Mobile Rack
Zee Mobile Nesting Rack
Bakery Zee Nesting Racks
Versicarte Gallery
Heated Top Deli Display
Hot Top
Dry Heat Bains Marie
Hot Cupboard
V-Carv Carvery Unit
Refrigerated Well
Refrigerated Multi-Tier
Refrigerated Multi-Tier Wall Unit
Refrigerated Deli Unit
Refrigerated Multi-Tier Wall with Roller Shutter

Polar Plate Well
Plain Top Refrigerated Storage
Ambient Storage Cupboard
Low level Modules
Ancillary Units
Salad Bar
Trolleys Gallery
Heavy Duty General Purpose Trolley
Beverage Trolleys
Low Load Trolley
Tray/Basket Trolley
Cutlery/Tray Trolley
Mobile Tray Trolley
Crockery Dispensers Gallery
Universal Heated or Unheated Basket/Rack Dispenser
Universal Tray Dispenser
Cantilever Tray Dispenser
Cantilever Basket Dispenser
Mobile Plate Dispensers
Universal Crockery Dispensers
Ambient Cupboards Gallery
COSHH Cupboards
Ambient Cupboards
Food Service Toppers Gallery
Versitop Hot Top
Versitop Hot Top with Gantry
Versitop Burger Chute
Versitop Polar Unit
Focus Top Hot Top
Focus Top Hot with Gantry
Focus Top Burger Chute
Focus Top Polar Unit
Table Top Heated Display/Servery
Table Top Refrigerated Display/Servery
Pie Cabinet
Grab & Go Display Gallery
Grab & Go Table Top Display
Grab & Go Free Standing Display
Hot Cupboards/Bain Marie Gallery
MH9 Hot Cupboard Range
Light Duty Hot Cupboards
Tallboy Hot Cupboard Gas/Electric
Gas Plain Top Hot Cupboard
Wet Well Only Bains Marie Hot Cupboard
Dry Heat Only Bains Marie Hot Cupboard
Premier Eco Plain Top Hot Cupboard
Premier Eco Bain Marie/Hot Cupboard
Premier Wet Well Bain Marie/Hot Cupboard
Mobile Bain Marie
Focus Green Hot Cupboard/Bain Marie
Budget Hot Cupboard/Bain Marie
Overhead Shelving Units

Drop-in Counter Modules Gallery
Deluxe Refrigerated Units
Deluxe Heated Units
Sheerline Refrigerated Units
Sheerline Heated Units
Focus Drop-In Range
Drop-In Range Accessories
In-Counter Crockery Dispensers
Roll Under Hot Cupboards
Bakery Equipment
BK Roll Warmer Drawer Unit
Bakery Zee Nesting Racks
Heavy Duty Bakery Tables
BK Retail Display
Patisserie Display
Chilled Merchandisers
Grab & Go Table Top Display
Grab & Go Free Standing Display
Focus Top Hot Top
Versitop Hot Top
Table Top Heated Display/Servery
Table Top Refrigerated Display/Servery
Premier Counters
Premier Heated Modules
Premier Ambient and Refrigerated Modules
6S Shelving System
Chilled Merchandisers
Bespoke Countering
Other Products Gallery
Manufactured and priced to order
Single Tray Service Trolley
Versigen Bulk Food Trolleys
TT Range of Trolleys
Bulk Food Trolleys
Gemini Trolley
Vangen Gallery
Vangen - Hot Meals for Hot Wheels