Sanitising Dispenser


Sanitising dispenser unit can be fixed to a rear wall. Twin touch-less automatic hand sanitiser dispenser machines with high volume, designed to pump out gel from a 0.7-litre type container with additional storage for 2 x 5 litre bottles. The fully automatic hand sanitiser dispenser is battery operated removing the requirement to touch. Simply place your hand under the dispenser and a measured dose of gel, liquid soap or sanitiser will be dispensed. The dispenser can contain liquid soap, anti-bacterial gel, or 70% alcohol hand




Key features

  • Waste bin.
  • Easy access lockable doors for storage.
  • Adjustable for level feet and kick plate
  • Practical automatic operation.
  • With hygiene in mind made throughout in bright polished stainless steel.
  • Designed to be topped up during usage.
  • Storage for two 5 litres of antibacterial hand sanitiser.
  • Bulk fill design utilising 5 litre standard bottles. No special specific cartridge types.
  • Ideal for areas where soap and water are not available, the hand sanitiser dispenser offers an easy and effective hand sanitising option.

Operating Modes

  • Practical automatic operation.
  • Storage for two 5 litres of antibacterial hand sanitiser.
  • Waste bin.


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