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The Chillogen Trolley, Chills, Stores and Heats

In busy periods, or whenever space is at a premium, Moffat's Chillogen Trolley can effectively act as a kitchen extension. With overall dimensions of only 1370mm long x 880mm deep x 1695mm high the trolley can be plugged in anywhere where there is access to a standard 13amp socket.

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Posted on Tue 19th Dec 2006


Moffat's Regeneration Ovens do the cooking in Cardiff School

New school building programmes are a great opportunity to get in the latest equipment and get things just right - especially in the kitchen. When the new Ysgol Y Berllan Deg Primary School at Llanedeyrn, Cardiff was built three years ago the kitchens were fitted with two Moffat CR 20 Regeneration Ovens with a view to heat up ready-cooked dishes delivered from the education authority's centralised kitchen.

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Posted by Fiona Morrison on Fri 17th Nov 2006


Chillogen banqueting trolleys have changed the face of function catering by taking the kitchen to the banqueting room.

Moffat Catering Equipment has changed the face of banqueting with a broad choice of trolley systems that allow virtually any type of function to be serviced efficiently and profitably. The Moffat choice features its exclusive Chillogen system - which quick-chills, holds and regenerates plated meals automatically - as well as more conventional hot holding and regeneration trolleys.

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Posted by Fiona Morrison on Thu 19th Oct 2006


Mobile racks from Moffat fit together when empty

Moffat's range of mobile trolley racks is ideal for transporting, storing or serving food. The racks are manufactured from stainless steel and fitted with four swivel castors, two of which are braked. There are two different designs in the range, both feature 19 pairs of anti-tip channel sides which take gastronorm containers or gastronorm-size laminate trays.

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Posted by Fiona Morrison on Fri 15th Sep 2006

Moffat Wins FCSI 2006 Manufacturer of the Year Award

UK catering equipment manufacturer E&R Moffat has been named international Manufacturer Of The Year for 2006 by the Foodservice Consultants Society International (FCSI). The award, announced at the Society's 2006 conference in Edinburgh, is an honour presented annually to a company considered to have made significant advances in catering equipment design worldwide.

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Posted by Fiona Morrison on Thu 27th Jul 2006

Versicarte Plus:

Versatile New Foodservice Trolleys for School Meals Service Help Deliver Healthy Eating Initiatives And Attract Customers

Moffat's Versicarte is getting a makeover. This popular food service trolley range plays a key role in catering in hundreds of schools across the country. The Versicarte Plus looks great but the makeover is much more than skin-deep: new technology, new ideas and new features make this a whole new product range, designed to meet the changing needs of school catering.

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Posted by Fiona Morrison on Thu 6th Jul 2006

The oven that doesn't need a kitchen

V-Gen Fresh 1C from Moffat

So how do you cook fresh school meals on the premises if you don't have a kitchen? Many schools have lost some or all of their kitchen space during the last thirty years, as successive policy makers decided it was needed for other priorities. Now they find they don't have the room to implement the healthy eating initiatives.

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Posted by Kyli Haynes on Wed 14th Jun 2006

Moffat's Versiclear trolleys - they've got waste sorted!

Moffat's new Versiclear catering waste trolleys are the answer to every dinner lady's prayers - they create an organised clearing up procedure that children actually use. The trolleys are designed to be a portable and hygienic waste disposal system that can be wheeled into the dining hall at the beginning of the lunch break and just as easily wheeled away once the meal is finished.

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Posted by Kyli Haynes on Tue 16th May 2006

Moffat makes Stylish Counter

When Western Blueprint Limited - one of the UK's leading catering design and installation companies - won the contract from LTSB to refurbish the Scottish Widows staff catering facilities, it wanted a high quality counter that would act as a centrepiece to the whole facility.

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Posted by Kyli Haynes on Tue 25th Apr 2006

Moffat's drop-in display units - the designer's choice

To allow catering service designers more flexibility and choice with less hassle, Moffat offers a standard range of matching drop-in display units and accessories. These drop-in units can be fitted easily into new or existing food service counters. There are four different types of drop-in units: a multi-tier refrigerated display unit; a refrigerated well with gantry; a refrigerated deli display; and a heated deli display.

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Posted by Kyli Haynes on Tue 4th Apr 2006

Load it, store it, move it and serve it - Moffat's Focus Display units do it all

Moffat's Focus Display Units are the ideal solution whenever hot food needs to be stored, transported and served from the same work station. The attractive and serviceable Focus display range offers new levels of energy-saving efficiency with fast heat-up times and quick heat recovery after loading.

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Posted by Kyli Haynes on Wed 1st Mar 2006

Moffat just made HACCP Due Diligence Data logging easy

Catering equipment specialist E & R Moffat has launched a new '3D' ('due diligence data') logging system for its range of foodservice trolleys and counters. And with cordless reading via a portable handset, and full archiving of up to 63 units simultaneously, the company says it is set to make HACCP data logging easier and more accurate than ever.

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Posted by Kyli Haynes on Thu 26th Jan 2006