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Moffat's Focus Hot Tops are available with overhead gantries

An essential piece of catering equipment in cafeterias, conference facilities and pubs is a hot top to keep cooked food piping hot and ready to serve. Moffat's Focus hot tops can be fitted with an overhead gantry so they not only keep the food at a perfect serving temperature but also display the dishes to their best advantage.

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Posted by Kyli Haynes on Wed 21st Dec 2005

Moffat's Cook-X-4 food warmers do more than just keep pies warm

When it's hot show it off!

In the past ready heated, pre-cooked food has had a poor press but Moffat's range of Cook-X4 pie and food warmers puts a stop to all that. The warming cabinets have been designed expressly for busy catering establishments such as take-aways, pubs, cafes, canteens and bakeries where ready-to-eat, piping hot food is an essential requirement.

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Posted by Kyli Haynes on Thu 3rd Nov 2005

Royal Armouries hooked on 'brilliant' Chillogen

Gary Calder, who together with his colleague Neil Moore-McCarthy runs the banqueting operation at the Royal Armouries in Leeds, says he's an 'old fashioned' chef. So when it was suggested that the museum should install Moffat's Chillogen banqueting trolleys, he wasn't interested.

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Posted by Kyli Haynes on Thu 8th Sep 2005

The Moffat Chillogen Trolley Makes Record-Keeping Easy - With Optional 3D Logging System.


Moffat's latest Chillogen banqueting trolley has got all the bases covered. It's a regeneration oven, a refrigerator and a moveable trolley for holding food at a required temperature. But Chillogen's got even more to offer - it can also keep your EHO happy! The Food Standards Agency requires regular inspections by Environmental Health Officers to make sure food hygiene rules are followed and food is served and stored at the recommended and statutory temperatures.

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Posted by Lawrence Heath on Fri 5th Aug 2005

The Moffat Solution To Easier, More Efficient Service

For some caterers, up to a quarter of their business can come at Christmas time and the New Year. And for many of these, the seasonal rush is a cue to install temporary servery equipment that can be brought into place to meet the increased demand, without taking up unnecessary space during the quiet period after the holidays.

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Posted by Lawrence Heath on Wed 27th Jul 2005

Versiclear - Moffat reinvents the wheeled trolley for Newham

E & R Moffat has created the Versiclear, a new wheeled catering waste trolley, expressly designed to make it easier for school children to clear up after meals. The new trolley has been designed at the suggestion of a local authority catering officer, and is available in both primary and secondary school versions.

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Posted by Kyli Haynes on Mon 4th Jul 2005

Who Heats All The Pies?

Chillogen kicks off at Falkirk FC

Some of Falkirk FC's latest signings are Scottish internationals playing a vital role. The 18 Chillogen trolleys, supplied by Bonnybridge-based Moffat Catering Equipment, not only help the club with its burgeoning banqueting business, more importantly they look after the half-time pies.


Posted by Kyli Haynes on Fri 17th Jun 2005

Time To Stand Up For Regen Ovens

Poor old regen ovens: as the spotlight falls on school dinners, they've been tarred with the brush of junk food. Now UK manufacturer Moffat has stepped in to put the record straight: regen ovens are every bit us useful and versatile as before and the quality of food that comes out of them is dependent purely on the quality of food that goes in.

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Posted by Kyli Haynes on Tue 10th May 2005