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Greener Technology, Greener Manufacturing

British manufacturer E & R Moffat is developing alternative technologies that save energy whilst delivering practical, efficient performance. However, the company is also committed to reducing its carbon footprint in every area of operation - it has invested heavily in high-technology laser cutters and punchers, to minimise waste during manufacturing, and has developed an innovative delivery technique that all but eliminates the need for packaging.

Multi Fan Technology - 48% more energy efficient

Moffat's Sahara multi-fan system saves energy by heating and chilling more efficiently in, for example, banqueting systems and regeneration ovens. The system blows re-circulated air through heating or chilling elements, rather than the conventional method of drawing air through the heat exchanger or heating elements first. As well as being more energy-efficient the system gives safer, more predictable temperature control. It is also up to 55% faster than using standard elements.

For example, a recently upgraded hot cupboard Bain-marie unit incorporating a Sahara fan heating unit proved to be 48% more efficient than before.

62% saving in energy for food display

Using the latest CAD (computer-aided design) systems, Moffat has made refrigerated food display units up to 62% more energy efficient. This saving was achieved by redesigning components such as refrigerated cold wells and vent panels, which results in the compressor working less hard to achieve the same temperature control with the same food capacity.

High density foam insulation - 43% energy savings

Moffat has established a variety of energy-saving features that are now integral to its range, such as extra-high density foam for refrigeration products. Operational benefits include a reduction in heat-up times and greater heat retention, improving energy efficiency and reducing running costs. Energy saving amounts to up to 43% compared with traditional models.

Low-energy lighting for counters and serveries

As one of the UK's leading manufacturers of countering, Moffat has pioneered the use alternative lighting systems for counters, such as ones using fibre optics and LED lights. These can save energy, increase performance (for example, by using 'cool' light for refrigerated wells, so the refrigeration system isn't having to fight against heat from the lights) and enhance the appearance of the food display. LED lights save about 85% compared to conventional lighting and the bulbs last much longer.

Power-sharing units cut energy use by 30%

Moffat's cutting-edge power-sharing units require 30% less energy. For example, the newly-developed mobile bulk food trolley has a built-in plate warmer, fridge, oven, hot-top and gantry that can all be powered from a standard 13 amp socket.

Reducing the manufacturing carbon footprint
"We use high-tech laser cutters and punchers, along with careful design, to get the most use out of each sheet of metal," says John Wannann, sales director at Moffat. "We also recycle all scrap and swarf."

At the other end of the manufacturing process, Moffat's new delivery procedure minimises packaging whilst ensuring products are delivered in pristine condition. "We've invested in a bespoke transport system, (using our own fleet of well-maintained and efficient vehicles), ranging from protective harnessing to special loading procedures, which ensures that all products are securely cosseted in transit. They arrive in exactly the same condition as they left the factory, without the need for excess packaging," explains Allen. "Another benefit is that, because there's no waste packaging to take off and dispose of, the system saves our customers time, too."